What are the best FPV racing quadcopters in 2017?

Guide to the best FPV racing drones and FPV drones for beginners.

First person view drones are simply brilliant. They offer an incredible flying experience that lets you see your surroundings in real time from the drone’s perspective, giving you a feeling like you’re in a cockpit. One of their best uses is for drone racing, where you need to rely on quick reactions to avoid obstacles and record the fastest time.

All of the drones below come either read to fly (RTF) or almost ready to fly (ARF). But before you can fly your drone you need to make sure that you have an RC transmitter, a receiver and a battery. Not all the FPV drones come with these included so make sure you check. You will also need a means of viewing the video stream. If the drone includes an LCD screen you will be able to use that to stream the video. If not you will need to additionally purchase either an FPV headset or an LCD screen. On certain models you can also use your smartphone or tablet as an LCD screen via an app.

I’ve tried to include a range of the best FPV drones, from the best for beginners to the high end competitive racing drones. Feel free to leave any questions or comments.

6) Husban h107d x4 Mini FPV quadcopter




  • Price ~ $120
  • Size: 114mm
  • Weight: 40g without battery
  • Camera: 0.3M pixels, 720×480 SD
  • Range ~ 100m
  • Battery: 3.7V 380mAh LiPo
  • Flight Time ~ 7 min
  • Charging time ~ 30 mins
  • 4.3″ LCD FPV monitor
  • 4 LED Night Lights


The Husban H107D is a great starter FPV drone. I always recommend this drone for people starting out who specifically want an FPV drone. This model is far from top of the range but you get a lot for what you pay for. For approximately $100 you will get this small 4.5 inch drone which includes a 720×240 SD video camera, 4.3” LCD FPV monitor, LED lights and a flip maneuver!

If you’re looking to buy your first drone it’s quite likely you will crash when you start. This drone is great because its low weight means it’s capable of surviving a number of crashes. Even if parts do break, they are very easy to replace and you can buy a cheap crash pack. The drone’s small size and weight also means it’s very sensitive to wind so it’s best used indoors in a large area or outside with no wind.

If you’re interested in extras I recommend attaching the rotor shield because the blades are quite sharp and can get damaged if you crash. Purchasing additional batteries is also a good idea. They’re not expensive and it makes a big difference flying for 20-30 minutes than for 5-7 and having to recharge.

The h107d travels at around 25mph and has a range of 100m so it’s certainly not a racing drone, but it is fun to fly and great for a first FPV drone. Overall this is probably the best FPV drone you can buy for the price.


  • Durable
  • Spare parts are affordable
  • Can fly indoors
  • Fast setup
  • Great value for money
  • Comes with LCD monitor
  • Flip Maneuver
  • LED lights
  • Fun to fly
  • 6-axis flight control system
  • USB charging


  • Not as fast as other FPV drones
  • Short range ~ 100m
  • Short battery life
  • Short battery life for the controller
  • Can’t be flown in any wind.
  • Poor video quality.
  • No customization

 5) Eachine Falcon 250 FPV




  • Price ~ $250
  • Size: 250mm
  • Weight: 408g (without battery)
  • Camera: 700TVL
  • Range ~ 1000km
  • Flight time ~ 7m
  • Battery: 3S 11.1V 1500mAh 25C
  • Motor: 2204 2300KV Brushless
  • Transmitter: FlySky i6
  • Receiver:  FlySky iA6
  • 1 x B3 Charger

If you’re looking for raw power without great expense the Eachine Falcon 250FPV is the perfect quadcopter. An upgrade of the popular Racer 250, t
he falcon claims to reach 150km/h, but I struggle to believe that’s true. It seems around 60-70mph is much more likely without severe modifications. Either way, you won’t be disappointed by its speed. One cool feature is that the rotors are tilted by 10 degrees for more speed, but be aware because this means the drone will fly forward immediately upon lift off.

The Falcon comes with a 700TVL camera and a 3S 1500mAh 25C battery, however, if you’re looking for around 10 minutes flight time I’d recommend buying a 4s1800 65c. This drone is also very durable with 3mm carbon fiber arms, which helps because you will probably fly it into a tree!

There are a couple of downsides to this drone. There’s no OSD which is quite surprising as it’s usually a popular feature. Also it’s not that easy to replace parts. There is also no user manual provided with the quad so watch out if you’re not experienced. Lastly the receiver seems a bit cheap which is probably what brings the price down.

The price of this drone is great for something that comes assembled and ready to fly, you just need to charge it and you can tear it around the park. If you have a bit of experience and are looking for speed this drone is excellent value.


  • Super high speed
  • Durable carbon fiber
  • Excellent value
  • Foam box for transporting
  • Tilted rotors for extra speed
  • Anti Vibration isolation plate


  • No manual or instructions
  • No OSD
  • Poorly laid out electronics

4) ARRIS X-Speed 250 Quadcopter Racer FPV RTF




  • Price ~ $350
  • Size: 265mm
  • Weight: 395g (without battery)
  • Camera: 700TVL
  • Range ~ 1000m
  • Flight Time ~ 7m
  • Motor: 2205 2300KV Brushless
  • Flight Controller: F3
  • Flight Time: 10min (with 3S 2200mAh battery)
  • Transmitter: Radiolink AT9
  • Receiver: RD9

If you’re looking for a fun to fly, high speed quadcopter at a reasonable price then the Arris X-Speed 250 is a really sound choice. This is a good intermediate FPV racing drone that is fast, agile, well assembled with neat electronics.The Arris doesn’t quite reach the speeds of the very best racing drones but it is still very fast whilst being easy to fly and stable in windy conditions. It also has a durable frame made of carbon/glass fiber and while this is not as strong as pure carbon fiber it is much stronger than plastic models and can definitely handle the impact of multiple crashes.

Another bonus is that it uses standard plugs and wiring, so if you do need to replace parts or if you want to make improvements then you will be able to do this with relative ease. The drone is also equipped with a 700TVL camera that offers zero latency and an adjustable angle.

The X-Speed 250 comes assembled which means no hassle for people starting out, but you will need to provide your own battery. For the battery you will need a Lipo: 3S 1500-2200Mah battery which will give you approximately 10 minutes of flight depending on flying style, closer to 5 minutes if you are racing. If you’re a more experienced pilot you can also buy the drone as ARF and use a custom transmitter and receiver.

This drone is great for people starting out in FPV racing who don’t want to spend too much money time assembling, but it is quite a powerful drone so previous drone-flying experience would be advised.


  • Standard connectors for easy modification
  • High Speed
  • Tested it before shipped out
  • Good value


  • No OSD
  • No battery
  • Glass fiber less durable than carbon fiber

3) Walkera f210 FPV



  • Price ~ $350
  • Size: 210mm
  • Weight: 370g (battery excluded)
  • Camera: 700TVL Camera
  • Range:  800m
  • Motor: KV2500 Brushless
  • Transmitter: DEVO 7
  • Receiver: DEVO-RX713
  • Flight Controller: F3
  • Flight time: 9 mins
  • Battery: 1300mAh 40C 4s LiPo

I really like this drone and it’s definitely one of the best FPV quadcopters you can buy. For the price I think it’s a bargain. It does not feel that different from the Vortex 250 in terms of power, handling or durability and it’s around half the price. With an experienced pilot it can definitely compete with the more expensive drones such as the Vortex 250.

Walkera have gone for a cool and original design made from carbon fiber with an aluminium frame at the front for extra strength. The f210 has a night vision camera as well with LEDs so you are able to enjoy nighttime flying. The RTF package comes with a transmitter, receiver and battery, and props so it’s ready to fly straight out the box. You just need to attach to your LCD monitor or FPV Goggles.

Minor downsides are that replacement parts need to be Walkera parts which means you may have to wait if you want to replace certain pieces. Also there is no camera mount so if you want to video in HD you will have to buy a camera mount.

Overall this a really reliable FPV racing drone that is solid in every department.


  • Night Vision Camera
  • High speed
  • Cool design
  • Ready to fly
  • Agile
  • OSD
  • Carbon Fiber with Aluminum frame


  • No camera mount
  • No standard replacement parts

2) Immersion Vortex 250 PRO ARF




  • Price ~ $500
  • Size: 250mm
  • Weight: 415g (no battery)
  • Camera: 700TVL
  • Motors: 2204-2300Kv (bidirectional)
  • Flight Controller: F3
  • 2MB black box recorder
  • GoPRo 3/4 camera mount included
  • V2 LED board

The Vortex 250 is one of the best FPV racing drones there is. Its incredible frame makes it probably the most crash-resistant racing drone you can buy. Even if you crash at high speed its 4mm carbon fiber arms that are almost impossible to break and the camera is protected from impact and supported by a vibration dampened plate. Not only is the drone tough and powerful it’s also maneuverable and easy to control. This drone is super fast and can reach 70mph, so it’s more than capable of winning a race.

There is no battery included with this model so I recommend either a 1300mAh 3S 45~90C, or 1300mAh 4S 45~90C. You will also need an RC transmitter and receiver, and your LCD monitor or FPV goggles.

There are few great things that come with this drone. It has a good camera but if you want to use your GoPro it Includes GoPro 3/4 camera mount. There’s also a built in power source for GoPro so you won’t need batteries. Integrated into the body is 2mb black box recorder. This records the flight controller data which makes fine tuning PIDS (proportional-inegral-derivate) simple. The package also includes several OSD layouts which are a treat.

Overall this is an incredible drone that is also capable of being fine tuned for more advanced pilots. If you want to win races and survive a crash, I heavily recommend the Vortex 250.


  • Extremely solid carbon fiber body
  • Super fast approx 60mph
  • Camera mount included
  • OSD
  • Foam packaging
  • Lost model alarm


  • No RC receiver included
  • No battery included
  • Expensive

1)Team BlackSheep Vendetta RTF Drone




Size: 240mm

  • Price ~ $600
  • Weight: 410g (without battery)
  • Camera: TBS ZEROZERO 650TVL
  • Flight time ~ 5m on 1300mAh
  • Motors: Cobra CM2204/2300kV
  • GoPRo 3/4 camera mount
  • Flight controller:TBS PowerCube with fastest F3 board available

The TBS Vendetta isn’t cheap but you get what you pay for. This drone is a work of art that’s been designed specifically to be the best FPV racing drone on the market. It’s quite a close call between this and the 250 vortex for the best FPV quadcopter. I’ve flown them both and the vendetta gets the nod from me because of its intelligent design and extra power. It is, however, more expensive as are part replacements.

The vendetta is marginally faster than the Vortex and can quite comfortably reach 70mph. It is slightly lighter and it has 3 bladed propellers instead of 2 bladed like vortex which gives a minor power boost. Its 3.5mm carbon fiber arms also make it incredibly durable.

Team BlackSheep have put a strong emphasis on aesthetic and practical design for this drone and one of the great features is its solder-free design. This is aimed for easy repairs and upgrades ensuring pilots have a drone for the future. Also if you want to attach a GoPro it comes with a GoPRo 3/4 camera mount.

Before you can fly this drone you will need an R/C receiver, transmitter, battery, and LCD monitor or FPV goggles.

If you’re looking to buy a battery I recommend a 1800 4s if you’re flying for fun or a 1300 4s if you’re planning on racing. For the receiver I like the Frsky x4r-SB and a FrSky Taranis Plus+ transmitter.

This FPV quadcopter might be too expensive for people who aren’t taking the hobby seriously but if you are looking to purchase the best FPV racing drone you can buy then I heavily recommend this formidable racer. Just be quick because these are in high demand among drone racers.



  • Super high speed
  • Durable carbon fiber
  • OSD Fully configurable via OSD, no PC required
  • 3.5mm carbon fiber arms
  • Lost Model Alarm


  • No battery
  • No receiver
  • No transmitter
  • Expensive


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