Hey everyone, my name’s Mike. I’ve been building and flying toys since the 1990s and I love drones.

For years most people didn’t really show any interest in drones (I really had to refrain from talking about them!). But over the last couple of years I’ve had more and more people who are thinking about buying a drone asking me for advice about which ones are the best.

It’s great to finally share my knowledge with people. In the last few years I’ve held seminars at my local college explaining how drones work, their capabilities, and their legal restrictions. I’ve also written guest blogs and articles. Setting up my own website was always a dream of mine and I hope you find it useful.

I’m always out and about testing out the latest models. I didn’t quite realize how many people knew about my passion until I went round to a friends house and his son asked me if I was “the drone flyer guy”, I couldn’t help but laugh and I thought it would be a good name for my blog!

I’m happy to help out wherever possible so feel free to ask any questions.

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